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Charge your events with a battery bar !

Le bar à batterie Global Charger


Visitors need to charge their working devices

25 % of your visitors

of your visitors will use our service

A new service

That answers a growing need of your visitors

That will be particularly appreciated

Communicate about this feature to increase your virality

How do we get the chargers back ?

To insure the return of our charger, we register the contacts of the users

An anti-theft technology

The labels on the chargers indicate that they can only be charged in our stations.

Eventual losses are on us.

How does it work ?

We garantee that 100% of your visitors in need will be able to charge !

A new communication tool for your sponsors

  • Publish on social networks : « This company will provide a charging service »

  • Integrated into a booth : an excellent opportunity to engage a prospect.

  • We can adapt our interactions with the visitors to hand them out a flyer, pitch…

  • Generate leads : by creating a large database of high tech users

You organize an event ?

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A few example of the labels that can be printed for the chargers

We are already working with :

We are indeed official energy suppliers to these events


And many others…

You organize an event ?

Ask for a quotation